Here's what others have to say about the National Association for Hospice at Home:

“In 2011 the Ayrshire Hospice scoped the need for a Hospice at Home model of care. This was a new concept of care in Scotland and as such it was important to liaise with existing services in England and Northern Ireland to gain insight into different service models. The National Hospice at Home Association (NAHH) has played a crucial role as we have developed our model which has become our Respite and Response service (R&R). The opportunity to establish and develop links with existing services through the Association has been of vital benefit as the R&R service has evolved. Attending the NAHH conference each year provides great networking opportunities, sharing expertise and has helped inform many of the developments within our service to date. The contacts and learning gained at NAHH conferences has significantly influenced our service design.”

Lynne Carmichael
Respite and Response Community Team Manager, Ayrshire Hospice.
March 2016

“Being a member of the NAHH gives access to the message board and the opportunity to share good practice with other services both new and established. This is especially relevant in these times of massive change. Also being a member means that it is more cost effective to attend the annual conference which is the only event dedicated nationally for Hospice at Home providers. The opportunity to network, learn and develop cannot be underestimated. The NAHH is also doing work aimed at service improvement and monitoring and were crucial in starting the nationally acclaimed CSNAT approach as an example. The bespoke national standards and audit tool developed by the NAHH are invaluable for services, and serve as a starting point for peer review and benchmarking. One of the main functions of the Association is to provide a national voice for Hospice at Home services - an essential and key lynch pin in providing choice and quality end of life care in the home. The Trustees and Executive Team are made up of competent and currently experienced practitioners who give credence and integrity to the work done on behalf of NAHH.”

Gill Booth RN
Service Manager, St.Luke's Hospice at Home and One Response.
March 2016

“I have attended the conference twice before, in a different role, and found it to be one of the most friendly and inviting that I have attended!”

Tracey Buckley
Senior Nurse Project Leader, Palliative Care Knowledge Zone Marie Curie care and support through terminal illness.
March 2017

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