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The National Association for Hospice at Home want the very best care for everyone at the end of their life, no matter where they live, who they are or what their condition is.

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Welcome to our website which is designed to be a useful resource to respond to your professional or personal need and is continually developed through any feedback received - which is always welcomed! Thank you. 

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NAHH 2024 Virtual Conference Blog

This year NAHH was delighted to present a dynamic group of presenters who are involved in innovative and exciting work in the H@H community, all making the future bright.  We welcomed back Dr Rasa Mi...

The NAHH Annual Conference 2024 'Making the Future Bright' is going virtual.

Join us as we share, support, and reflect on these challenging times. It is an exciting opportunity to think about how we develop Hospice@Home services into the future to ensure robust delivery for th...

The Learning Network: Dates 2024

11 September Alexandra Rowles, Specialist Dietician, Dorothy House Hospice Care Diet 11 December Deanna Mezen, Advanced Clinical Nurse Practitioner, HMP Oakwood Prison Service If you are a m...