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NAHH 2024 Virtual Conference Blog

Posted on 2nd July 2024 by

This year NAHH was delighted to present a dynamic group of presenters who are involved in innovative and exciting work in the H@H community, all making the future bright.  We welcomed back Dr Rasa Mikeltye and Jane Diamond who presented last year and have supported the Learning Network.

The conference was well supported by members again this year. The decision to move from a face-to-face venue to a virtual conference, at short notice, seemed to open up the opportunity for more delegates to attend.  The virtual arena was still able to provide quality networking and sharing of practice. The NAHH is having to move with the times which has seen a drop in membership numbers, the cost of running a charity rising and reduced sponsorship on a virtual platform. We are the only charity to support H@H exclusively and the need to support our members is greater than ever as the pressure on hospice services and the role of the HCA develops. The level of responsibility and autonomy for HCA’s is huge. We are reliant on this sometimes ’invisible’ workforce which needs and deserves recognition and respect.

All the presentations support innovative practice, evidence based practice and information to empower H@H services.

Dr Rasa Mikelyte  Research Fellow University of Kent and Graham Silsbury Public Member of the Research Team

The H@H Toolkit provides a practical and evidence-based strategies for families/carers but also for strategic planning for commissioners. It is powerful research and hard evidence for our delegates to take away to use in practice. It is user friendly and has huge potential for H@H services to integrate into their services, by acknowledging the complexities of managing a H@H service with systematic practical actions to pressure commissioners and ensure quality of services.

Jane Diamond  Family Tree Funeral Company

Death and dying continue to be a difficult topic for some people to talk about and Jane has an inspirational approach. The services she offers to families and carers is innovative and refreshing. The services range from hosting a death café, being a death doula , end of life planning and funeral services. It is brilliant to have the opportunity to ask the awkward questions around these issues and feel empowered to have these conversations with families/carers.

Elizabeth King  Weleda Skin Care Expert

We all felt very relaxed practising the exercises and slowing down for a few minutes. It is a great reminder that the basic and simple care around touch can be very powerful in the complex world of health. Also the power of smell to calm, soothe and evoke memories should not be underestimated. I’m sure we all went away inspired to ensure we take time to incorporate and appreciate the benefit of these skills

Lisa Booth Charity Manager HASAG

It is reassuring to know the patients and carers have support with such a terrible disease as Mesothelioma. The delegates will have absorbed the advice and recommendations to take back to their own services. It is a vital service which is provided and we need to ensure that everyone affected by mesothelioma is aware of the support available.

Louise Gilhooley Palliative Care Consultant and Katie Jones Head of Specialist Clinical Services Responsive Care Compton Hospice

An excellent presentation about the new innovative service that has been developed. The virtual ward allows patients to remain at home when they are very ill and have intensive support without admission to hospital. This is a great example of inspiring work in practice. It was a opportunity for the delegates to think about their own services and take away evidence for change. The delegates will have been empowered to think about improving their services.

Caroline Allen Assistant Director community Services Rennie Grove Peace Hospice Care.

The need for collaboration has never been greater and the relationships they have developed with the paramedic service are commended. To be able to dovetail the services together in order to share skills and roles cannot be underestimated in the complex environments we work in. I’m sure the delegates will have taken on board their experience to influence their own services.

Ethypharm Leena Modha Sales Director

The information was provided on Actimorph which will be very useful for the delegates to take back to their services. To be able to have a dispersible morphine choice is very useful and some delegates will not have been aware of this option.

The NAHH Annual Conference 2024 ‘Making the Future Bright’ is going virtual.

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Join us as we share, support, and reflect on these challenging times. It is an exciting opportunity to think about how we develop Hospice@Home services into the future to ensure robust delivery for the patients and carers but also to maintain resilient amongst the people who care.  We have great speakers booked and we look forward to seeing you online.

More details on how to book will be available soon via the Events page.

The Learning Network: Dates 2024

Posted on 26th January 2024 by

11 September
Alexandra Rowles, Specialist Dietician, Dorothy House Hospice Care

11 December
Deanna Mezen, Advanced Clinical Nurse Practitioner, HMP Oakwood
Prison Service

If you are a member of the NAHH, please contact to book your place!